Migration to Europe; A Reverse Journey from ”Dar-al-Islam” to “Dar-al-harb”

The migration in vast numbers to Europe from Middle East and North Africa is presenting a paradoxical situation to countries in Europe, particularly rich countries, Sweden, Germany, France etc. The heavy exodus has been the result of fighting in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon & Afghanistan, between established regimes and  Islamic fundamentalists. These islamic fundementalists want to bring in the laws of sharia, which is the obligatory duty for all Muslims – to establish” Dar -al-Islam” (the house of Islam). According to Islam, the whole world is divided between two regions, ”Dar-al-Islam” and” Dar-al-Harb” (The land of war”) It is the duty of each Muslim faithful to carry out Jihad in the name of Islam, to bring all areas under ”Dar-al-harb” to ”Dar-al-Islam”. The house of war ‘means the  territory that is not conquered, dominated & subjugated by Islam and its practices. Entire Europe, America, India, China, and even Pakistan today shall be categorized as ”Dar-al-Harb” only, as none of the region is governed under laws of sharia. It is only Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran, who to some extent, may be categorized as ”Dar-al-Islam”.

Exodus is the result of destabilization of established regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan, with the hope of establishing a modern democratic order in these countries, thus opening the deep pestering cancerous wounds in these societies which were covered  by tightly bound bandages of dictatorial regimes. For having a, modern democratic society, four conditions are to be fulfilled, of which first three are essential. The four conditions are,(1) Freedom of Expression (2) Equality in rights to every faith (3) Equality of rights to gender (4)Equity to give minimum level of life sustenance.

  1. Freedom of Expression : A modern democracy requires that everyone has a right to utter nonsense every day, if he wants to. Democracy is not only adult franchise. Adult franchise is only one of the rights of expression. The right of free expression in a modern democracy, is almost absolute, unless, it becomes an insult to someone else, when it impinges on the right of freedom of someone else.
  2. Equality in  rights to every faith: A modern democracy bestows equal right to profess any faith whatever  be their numbers. It does not differentiate between faiths on the basis of number of its adherents. If at all it differentiates, it is only to preserve the right of faith having smaller numbers.
  3. Equality of rights to gender: Absolute Gender equality is a must. Modern democracy does not allow any gender bias. Both the genders male & female, have to have equal political, social and economic rights.
  4. Equity to give minimum level of life sustenance:  Modern democracy requires that each person should have at least minimum level of economic support to sustain life. If one is deficient in economic well being, a modern democracy requires that the state provides for at least enough means for everyone to survive.

However, we will observe that there is a basic conflict between conditions required for a functioning of a  modern democracy and basic tenets of Islam, particularly laws based on sharia. As per sharia law no comments can be made on any of the action of Prophet Muhammad, Allah or Suras of the Holy Koran. Any such comment is punishable with death. In a preamble to Holy Koran in one on the English translations of the holy book, it is stated. ”These are the  words of Allah. Any addition, deletion, substitution or misrepresentation of these words is sin, punishable by death.” Thus freedom to utter nonsense is out. Even sensible discussions are not permissible.

Similarly freedom to profess any faith, as per sharia laws, is just out of question. On the contrary, Holy Koran commands the believers to convert all non believers, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists etc to Islam and if they do not comply, kill them. ”Fight them and Allah will punish them by your hands, lay them low and cover them with shame. He will help you over them (Koran Chapter 9 sura 14 ). ”O prophet, urge the faith full to fight. If there are twenty among you, with determination, they will vanquish two hundred; if there are a hundred, then they will slaughter thousands unbelievers, for the infields are a people devoid  of understanding (Koran ch.8 sura 65 ). These commands are obligatory. Believers cannot-sit aloof.” Not equal are those believers who sit at home and receive no injurious hurt and those who strives hard, fighting jihad in Allah’s cause, with their wealth and lives. Allah has granted rank higher to those who are fighting jihad with their wealth and body, to those who sit (at home). (Koran ch. 4 sura 95). The ultimate object ,” so fight them until there is no more fithnah (disbelief-non Muslim) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone ( in the whole world) (Koran ch.8 sura 39). These are not isolated quotes, in the Koran the obligation to carry out Jihad in similar ways has been mentioned 273 times.

Now for gender equality, the third condition, the less said the better. Koran, Haddit ( Prophet ‘s sayings and comments on Koran). Sira (Prophet’s  life history and doings), are three most sacred texts of Islam and all Muslims are expected to strictly follow them. Following passage of Hadith tells Muslims how to deal with women”   Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain (not have sex), they have right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Koran (Tabari chapter IX sura 113).

This is for the Muslims women. For infidels, they can be freely raped and taken as sex slave. In entire Muslim world, even in the moderate countries, women have hardly any right. If they have to go out they have to cover themselves fully. This is a commandment from Holy Koran itself ” Prophet ! Tell your wife and daughters and tell Muslim woman to draw cloaks and veils all over their bodies.” (Koran ch.33 sura 59 ).  The Holy Koran permits wife beating, when a central African country, Chad, proposed a law against wife beating,  Islamic clerics of the country declared the bill” un Islamic.”

Thus we can see that, all three necessary conditions for a modern democracy, are in conflict with the tenets of Islam. Most of the Islamic countries are held together through coercion by dictatorships. The removal of dictator’s coercion ends in group fighting, mayhem and chaos, as we are already witnessing in Iraq, Libya , Syria etc. Problem  lies in our understanding of Islam. Islam is unique. While most of the other religions were promoted by saints or philosophers, Islam was promoted by a warlord. Therefore though, there are suras which preach similar values as preached in Christianity or Judaism, larger part of text deals with conduct of war, distribution of booty of war, and conduct of state. Islam is more of a political doctrine, as Prophet Muhammad was not only creator of the faith, he was  the head of state also.

Relationship between the rulers who ruled in democratic societies is very different  from those in Islamic societies. In democratic societies the rulers has to follow the will of the people. Even if, he wants to do something, which is not liked by the public, he has to first convince the public and explain the desirability of those actions. If public consent is not there , he has to forego those actions. In Islamic societies those ruled have to unquestioningly obey the rulers. Prophet Muhammad saying in a Hadith is” Whosoever obeys me, obeys God, and he who obeys my Amir, obeys me.” This saying is confirmed also by a verse in Koran ” Obey Allah and the Apostle and those in authority among you” ( Koran ch. 4 sura 59). The relation between rulers & ruled in Islamic societies is more like that between a master and a slave.

It is further clarified in a Hadith with Prophet Muhammad saying ”Obey your emir even if he flogs you and takes your property ”. Justification for such absolutely one sided obedience is given in another Hadith;” If a ruler passes judgment after profound consideration and his decision is the right one he is rewarded twice . If he passes a judgment after profound consideration and his decision turns out to be a wrong one, he receives a single recompense (from  Allah)”. Thus when Saddam Hussain killed Kurds and Shias in Iraq using chemical weapons or Pakistan Army bombs in Baluchistan, Fata using Bombers , artillery and tanks  ,they commit no  crime according to sharia law. Their only punishment according to the Islamic Laws is ”They are recompense by Allah only once.” Their punishment (actually reward) to be carried out by Allah only. Here on earth their conduct is beyond reproach.

Western civilizations, particularly Europe & USA are prisoners of their own ‘political correctness’. Political left has no problems in discussing issues relating to Christianity and Judaism, but when it comes to political Islam, they resort to every tactic of apology and rationalization, instead of facing the truth of Islamic fundamentalism. It is argued that the fanatics are victim of poverty and lack of education. When it is pointed out that all perpetrators of 9/11 bombings were educated and from upper middle class back ground, they will claims that they are only” striking back” at excesses of USA and Israel. Why the left intellectuals, who are supposed to be in vanguard of every progressive movement, are in bed with radical Islam, the extreme conservative elements, defies comprehension. Media and TV anchors are so enthralled by ”political correctness” and intimidation that their lips are locked when confronted  with Islamic terrorism. The word Islamophobe has gained the same character as word racist. The facts are ignored. Slogans and shouting take over.

While it is all very well for Western European countries to show empathy and accommodate virtually transfer of population from Middle East and North Africa, they should remember that migrants bring with them besides their bodies, their minds and their belief system also. As shown above, principles of modern democracy and principals of political Islam are quite at variance. Initially principals of Taqiyya is used which tells the believer to hide their true feelings, lie low and cheat till they are better organized and can take part in struggle (Koran ch. 40 sura 28 & ch 3 sura 54 ). But the commitment to follow sharia, promote Jihad and commitment to convert ”Dar-al-Harb” to” Dar-al-Islam” remains. In their pursuit of” political correctness ”they may be losing their value systems and may be, even their freedom.

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